About The Stieg Larsson Foundation

Stieg touched whoever came in contact with his work and these past years have meant that we’ve also had the privilege to meet and get to know the people and organizations for whom Stiegs work was important.

The extension of Stiegs journalism, the novels about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist and their commercial and literary success has meant a radical readjustment on the part of the family suddenly forced to lead a life always in the public spotlight. The fact that Stiegs success happened posthumously has added to the heavy responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future.

The first crucial step in managing that legacy, financially and in principle, was to form Moggliden AB, a company limited by shares, named after Stiegs childhood home, with the function to act as holder of all the material and non-material rights and subsequent revenues connected to the Millennium novels.

Through Moggliden AB we’ve been able to donate generous grants since Stiegs death, among others to the anti-racist magazine Expo that Stieg co-founded.

The Larsson family has taken part in all the negotiations on rights and remuneration levels in regards to film-productions, publishing and franchises.

The family has worked actively in the securing of these rights for the past seven years so that the revenues and return on those revenues stemming from the Millennium trilogy could be put to the best possible use. By forming the Stieg Larsson Foundation we now take Stiegs legacy to the next level.

The foundation is formed to be able to better support individuals and organizations whose ideas, struggle and work gets us closer to a world where we are all truly equals. We think this is in line with how Stieg himself would have wanted to carry on and share his legacy.