The Stieg Larsson Foundation

The Stieg Larsson Foundation has been formed by the Larsson Family in Umeå 2012 to honor the memory of their son and brother, journalist and author, who died at the age of 50 in 2004.

Stieg Larssons work was characterized by a relentless struggle against injustice and inequality. The work had its origins in anti-racist journalism but eventually took shape in three novels collectively known as the Millennium trilogy.

With an unprecedented global breakthrough the trilogy has been published in 50+ countries and to date has sold a staggering 100 million copies.

The Stieg Larsson foundation manages a large part of the revenues derived from sales of books as well as other rights.

The assets of the foundation are to be managed to secure a long term return that will enable, among other things, the long term provision of grants to organizations that work in the spirit of Stieg Larsson.

The registered purpose of the foundation

“The foundation is formed to act in the spirit of Stieg Larsson by increasing knowledge and strengthening basic democratic values mainly within the fields of freedom of speech and opinion. The purpose is furthered mainly through grants and contributions to research and education but can also be extended as the board of the foundation sees fit by supporting various other causes as, but not limited to, support to groups subject to violence (specifically hate and gender driven), racism and discrimination.
The foundation can also approve grants or otherwise contribute towards helping journalists who, with clear danger to themselves and their families illuminate issues that embrace the purposes of the foundation. The foundation can also work for the furthering of ethical journalism.”

The Larsson Family, Umeå, January 2013


Stieg Larssons Stiftelse
(Stieg Larsson Foundation)
c/o SEB ST/53

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